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Plushenko’s practice today (Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014)

According to reports, he had two falls, on a 4T and a 3A each, but made those jumps other times. At the end, a 4T-3T-3Lo with a small error.

His back is in pain again. I am worried to death, but to be honest, not even about the results anymore.

I’ve seen people gloat or regret that age is catching up with him, that he doesn’t skate as he used to, etc. But I want to say this: to me personally, the things he accomplished in the past were glorious and amazing, yet the thing he is accomplishing now is miraculous. It is greater than all of his beauty and perfection and prowess of his youth. I don’t care if more “objective” people think me crazy for saying this.

Whatever happens, please be very, very proud of him.

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